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Pricing. We offer two rental packages; both include use of the entire venue and property grounds, as well as use of the pews, chairs, and tables noted below.
Standard Package: Thursday-Saturday $1500
Limited Package: Sunday $300
The rental prices allow for a number of improvements to the venue, and cover various operating expenses. This allows the barn to be operated on a permanent basis. In the spirit of continuing to provide the barn as a resource to the local community, we do offer a discount for local residents; please inquire for details.
Fees, Cleaning Expenses, and Rental Documents. Learn all about the rental fees and documents.
Electrical and Lighting. Two dedicated 20-amp circuits are located at the stage for use for music and related equipment. Some ornamental lighting is available for your use.
Bathrooms. Restrooms and the "Bridal Suite" are provided in a small building adjacent to the barn; this is included with the venue, and includes a total of four restrooms. Read more about the Bridal Suite.
Bridal Suite. Bridal parties can enjoy the large makeup and hair station, complete with makeup lights and full length mirrors. Relax in this Air Conditioned "ready room" while you and your party get ready for your special day.
Wifi / Internet access. We are pleased to offer Wi-Fi via a high-speed (fiber) Internet connection. During events, the Wi-Fi requires no password, so you and your guests can get online with no hassles.
Parking. A small parking lot just across the road (about 100 feet from the barn) can handle about 25 cars. Please avoid parking right in front of the barn, as it destroys the lawn -- and takes away from the beauty of the place. Plenty of additional parking can be improvised by parking along both sides of the road; for larger groups additional parking can be found a short distance up Hunter's Mill Road (towards the highway). If the ground is wet, or expected to get wet, please be careful about parking on the grass.
Alcohol. The Big Red Barn is operated as an alcohol-free venue. However, we do make exceptions, and charge accordingly; this allows us to keep the rental rate lower for those events that do not wish to serve alcohol. Please contact to discuss.
Floor Plan. There is a floor plan of the barn on the Interiors page.
Lodging. Look on the Links page for some Airbnb links.
Tables, Seating, etc. We have the following items available for your use, upon request:

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For more information, contact:
Tracy Jennings